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Pictures I Like For A Variety Of Reasons

The Terrible Secret of Space

Jeremy Wilson
18 October 1972
External Services:
  • fantasygoat@livejournal.com

He's Fun
Kitties Meat Screenprinting Classic Cars Bourbon T-Shirts and Pretty Girls
Babies Weird Fetishes Furries Idiots and Morons Smoking Stupid Fashions

I manage a bunch of web servers for my day job, and I run a screenprinting studio on the side. I also design rock posters for bands, make T-shirts for myself and friends, help the environment by recycling old cars, pet my cat, make my own liquor, and restore pinball machines to keep myself busy the rest of the time.

If you live in the Toronto area and you're interested in learning to screenprint, or you're an artist looking for a shared studio, why not join Popfuel?

Check out the website at:


Frequently Asked Questions

What's with your name?

It's short for Nasal Co-Heasive Fantasy Goat. It was a name given to me by my friend Jeff about 15 years ago and just seemed to fit. You should buy his book, it's good.

Where do you find the pictures you post on LJ?

They are sent to me by friends, posted on boards, randomly surfed via Google, and also found on various photo sites. I tend to store them up and post them when I feel in the mood - I rarely post a photo when I find it - so if it seems like an old photo, it probably is.

Can I add you?

Yes, add away.

Are you a furry?

No. About a decade ago I had a girlfriend's mom make me a costume that opposed my personality perfectly. It cost me $50. I just wear the rabbit suit on Halloween, Easter and third dates.

You do screen printing? Can you make me a t-shirt?

I run a screenprinting studio called Popfuel where you can learn to make your own shirts! Check it out.

You collect pinball machines? Can you get me one?

Yes. They range in price from about $500 all the way to $10,000 or more - If you're not too picky you can get a fun game for not too much money. I recommend ebay as a good starting point.

Say, aren't you that guy who had his wallet online? Whatever happened to that?

When my original ISP changed owners for the third time, they finally killed my web address and I was forced to move the site to its own domain - The Wallet Page. It's only a tiny bit out of date.